Meeting shifting customer expectations and providing exceptional customer experiences are the top priority of every business today. A lot has changed post COVID 19 and the customer has become more flexible and more accepting of change as a whole. Having said that, businesses now need to learn how to meet heightened expectations and satisfy changing tastes.

In today’s time, data driven decision making is the key to most challenges faced in the customer experience function and is the lever that can help you unlock value optimization. Analytical outcomes achieved through consumer research help businesses meet customer expectations and provide positive experiences that foster loyalty and boost customer retention.

Consumer research that uses artificial intelligence to collect, analyse and interpret data about customer interactions with products and services is fast expanding and is imperative for enterprises today and more and more businesses are adopting the latest technology in the research tech space.

Be a part of this exclusive webinar to see how an AI powered, DIY research tech platform helps in overcoming challenges to help brands come out with refined products that delight customers and strategize to strive superior experiences for customers.

About Entropik

Entropik is a leading AI-powered Integrated Market Research company, founded in 2016. They enable research, marketing, and product teams to move towards a more continuous, collaborative, agile, and scalable way to capture user feedback by democratising research and insights data across the organisation.

Focus of the session

  • How to Infusing accuracy, agility and scalability into research methodologies and processes

  • Explore innovative ways for carrying out customer research with AI & new age technologies

  • Gain quicker access to high-quality customer insights that can be used right away.

  • Know how one can Improved visibility and transparency into research processes for all stakeholders

  • Expedite the decision-making process in research with customizable dashboards and industry benchmarking~~


12:35 PM IST | 3:05 PM SGT

12:50 PM IST | 3:20 PM SGT

1:30 PM IST | 4:00 PM SGT

1:20 PM IST | 3:50 PM SGT

12:30 PM IST | 3:00 PM SGT

Welcome note by Empiric Business Media

Keynote by Entropik
Jayesh Menon, Global Director of Insights, Entropik

Panel Discussion on:

  • Factors considered by researchers while purchasing/investing in research tools

  • Advantages of conducting research In house vs Outsourcing

  • Upcoming trends in Consumer Research: Agile insights, integrated DIY platforms, social listening, automation and inclusivity

  • Innovations in the consumer research landscape

Moderated by
Rebecca Kurian, VP of Growth, Entropik


Closing Remarks